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WINDOWS NEWS:  Windows 8 is on its way. Microsoft's new operating system should be here maybe in October of this year. We’re both excited and apprehensive about Windows 8; we know that it could be awful, because it is an even number version of Windows, such as Vista (6) and ME (4?). Or Windows 8 could be the best thing since sliced bread.

Microsoft may be trying to do too much with Windows 8 and making things more complicated than they need to be (again). Windows 8 bundles the “Desktop” UI (User Interface) for desktop/laptop computers with a “Metro” UI to compete with the iPhone, iPad and Android phones. Both UI have the "multi-touch" capability, allowing you to swipe with your fingers on the screen for different functions, such as zooming in or out and moving back and forth on screens.

We haven’t tried the beta version of Windows 8 yet, but we've seen the videos on it and we are anxious to download and experiment with the latest pre-retail version. will be reporting on Windows 8 in the coming months.

Black Turtleneck SweaterAPPLE NEWS: Apple is doing extremely well with the iPhone and iPad (Apple has sold over 250 million iPhones in 5 years and 67 million iPads in 2 years), but we sure miss Steve Jobs. We know that Apple could eventually go the way of HP, IBM and other tech companies after they lost their founders. There will always be something new that comes along to replace a company like Apple, of course, but this doesn’t change the fact that it's still painful to lose a true visionary like Steve Jobs at such a young age (he was only 56). All we are left with is a whole slew of great products and thoughts of what might have been....

SMARTPHONES & TABLETS: Okay, so we've been lax and haven't tried some of the more popular smartphones and tablets on the market. We also confess that we are totally confused as to which ones are the best and will be around for a while, and which ones are just flashes in the pan. There are just so many choices....

In the coming months, we will try some of the more worthy entries on the market and let you know what we think of them. (Here's an external link to a great article about the new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone.) EZI