Note: You may receive a notice on the screen that Software Update ran automatically when you weren’t using your computer. If you don’t see the automatic notice, you can manually run Software Update using this procedure. (You should manually run Software Update at least once a month.)

1) Click on the Apple icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

2) Click on Software Update.

3) Wait a few moments for your computer to connect to Apple’s computer network and check to see if you need any updates.

4) Click on the Install X items button on the window that pops up on the screen, where “X” is equal to the number of updates your computer needs. Click on the OK and Continue buttons as needed.

5) Wait a few minutes for the updates to install. You may have to restart your computer if Software Update says that you need to do so. Close all open programs, such as Safari or Microsoft Word, and restart the computer.