1) Insert the Flash Drive into any free USB port on the computer or on the back or side of the keyboard.

2) You will then see a new white icon that looks like a floppy disk drive appear on the “Desktop.” This icon will have “No Name” under it if you didn’t previously give it a name. To change this name, double-click on the name with a pause between the clicks. Type a new name, but keep it to 8 characters or less. Press the Return key to affix the new name to the Flash Drive.

3) Find the file(s) or folder(s) you want to copy to the Flash Drive.

4) Hold down the Option key and click & drag the icon for the files/folders to the icon for the Flash Drive.

5) After the light on the Flash Drive stops blinking, you can eject the Flash Drive by clicking & dragging its icon to the Trash.

6) Be sure to cover the USB connector end of the Flash Drive with its plastic cover, or retract the USB connector if it has a retractable end.

[7) Write the file/folder name and the date on a small Avery label and affix it to the Flash Drive.]