1) Click on the iCal icon on the Dock. It has a picture of a calendar page with today’s date on it.

Tip: To make the calendar bigger, click & drag the tiny diagonal lines in the lower right-hand corner of the iCal window down and to the right:  .

2) Click on View, then on by Day, by Week or by Month. (Or you can click on the Day, Week, Month or the Today button on the Button Bar at the top of the iCal window.)

3) Double-click on the time or date to add a new entry.

4) Double-click on the green or blue New Event entry on the calendar.

5) Type the event, such as Dinner with Co-workers, in the “Info sidebar” that pops up on the right side of the calendar.

6) Click on the Done button to save the entry.

[7) In the Day view, you can click & drag the bottom edge of the event box up or down to change the amount of time allotted to the event.]

8) To change the color of the event box, double-click on the appointment box, then click on the Edit button, then change the color next to calendar (for example, change the color to green for Work) on the Info sidebar. Click on Done.

Note: You can have many different calendar-type entries, such as Work, Home, etc. with each one having a different color. To see only the entries in the Home calendar, click to remove the check mark next to üWork and the other calendars, if any, in the upper left-hand corner of the iCal window.

Note 2: To create a new Calendar, click on the Plus sign [+] button at the bottom of the iCal window, then type a name for the calendar, such as Spouse’s calendar.

9) To see the next day, week or month, click on the tiny Right Arrow button next to the Day, Week and Month buttons at the top of the window. To go back to the previous day, week or month, click on the tiny Left Arrow button.

10) If you want an audible alarm to warn you when an appointment is coming up, click on the tiny Up-Down Arrow button next to alarm on the Info sidebar, then click on Message with sound. Set the amount of time before the appointment by clicking on the tiny Up-Down Arrow button next to the lower alarm. When that interval time is reached, the iCal program will display a message and the computer will make a beeping noise. Click on Done.

11) If this is a recurring event, such as a monthly meeting, click on the tiny Up-Down Arrow button next to repeat, then click on the time interval, such as Every Month.