1) Tap the App Store icon on the screen.

2) Tap the Search button if you want to type in the name of the app, or tap the Top 25 or Categories button if you want to browse through the apps. If you tapped the Search button, type the name of the app (such as Skype), then tap the blue Search button at the lower right.

3) Once you find the app, tap on the blue Free or $0.99 (or whatever the price of the app is) button.

4) Tap the green Install button.

5) Type in your Apple ID password, then tap the OK button.

6) You should see “Waiting,” “Loading,” and then “Installing” appear above a new icon on the screen.

7) When the blue “progress bar” disappears and you clearly see the new icon, tap the icon to try the new app.

8) You should then register (or create a new account), or log in to use the app.