1) AED Dictionary– ($0.99) - Look up the definition of any word. A wonderful app for writers and non-writers alike.

2) Amazon – (Free) - Shop Amazon on your iPhone/iPad. Create wishlists of items you may want to purchase. Read customers' reviews of the items you are interested in. Track the shipping path of the items you order and more.

3) eBay – (Free) - We love being able to check our “Watch List” to see items we are interested in buying or see who is bidding on items we have listed for sale and how much the latest bid is.

4) Find My iPhone – (Free) - Find your lost iPhone using this app.

5) Food Network – (Free) - Check the schedule for programs on the Food Network Cable TV channel; look up recipes and stream programs on the Food Network to your iPhone/iPad.

6) InstaCart [NEW]– (Free) - Use this app to order groceries and other items from neighborhood stores. Set up a delivery time that is convenient for you (usually within two hours or you can specify a different time period). Change the amount of tip that you want to give to the delivery person. This app saves your favorite items in a list for you to make it easier to reorder them.

7) Google Translate – (Free) - A nice little app for translating words from one language to another. Great for traveling overseas.

8) IMDb – The Internet Movie Database – (Free) - Check the reviews on old and new movies, tv shows and so on; stream movies from Amazon Prime (you need the $99.00 per year plan for this) and other services to watch them instantly on your iPhone/iPad; see what’s playing at local movie theaters; read bios of the stars; and much, much more.

9) Kayak – (Free) - One of our favorite travel apps. Look up the prices of flights, hotel rooms, etc. and book them instantly from your iPhone.

10) Maps – (Free) - This built-in Apple app is indispensable for driving or walking, especially when you are in unfamiliar areas.

11) Mortgage Calculator Pro – ($0.99) - This app allows you to calculate monthly payments and create what-if scenarios on your residence, investment properties, personal and auto loans.

12) Netflix – (Free) - Stream movies to your iPhone/iPad (you must have the $9.99 per month or better plan from Netflix in order to be able to stream movies), add movies to your Queue, etc.

13) RedLaser – (Free) - Scan barcodes - even the square “QR” ("Quick Response") barcodes that automatically open the web browser on your iPhone and take you to a website. Also, look up the prices for books and other consumer items by scanning the barcodes on them.

14) TomTom – ($49.99) - There are less expensive alternatives, but we like the graphics and other features on this turn-by-turn GPS driving app.

15) TV Guide – (Free) - Check the TV listings for your area with this handy app.

16) UPS – (Free) - Track packages, check locations where you can drop off packages for shipment, get a quote for the shipping costs for your packages and more.

17) U-verse Mobile – (Free) - If you have the AT& T "U-verse" service for your TV, you can select the programs you want to record, stream shows on the iPhone/iPad, and see what shows are coming up.

18) The Weather Channel – (Free) - See today's forecast or the 10-day forecast for any area in the country or overseas and watch video clips of the weather overhead. (The Weather Channel app is more sophisticated than the built-in Apple Weather app, although we use both apps almost every day.)

19) Yelp– (Free) - This app has made dining out much easier. Not only does it find the best restaurants where you are, but it also finds banks, gas stations, hotels, coffee and tea shops, drugstores, bars, etc. and ranks them from no stars to five stars, with reviews from customers. We are usually not disappointed if we go to restaurants that have 4 or more stars (5 stars is rare).

20) YouTube – (Free) - Watch YouTube videos on your iPhone/iPad.