To Create a Restart Button

This is how you can create a simple icon on the desktop for quickly restarting or shutting down your computer in Windows 8.1.

1) Right-click on the desktop anywhere there is no icon or button.

2) Click on New, then on Shortcut.

3) In the "Type the location of the item:" box, type shutdown /r /t 0 and then click on the Next button.

Note: That's a zero at the end of shutdown /r /t 0.

4) In the "Type a name for this shortcut" box, type Restart or whatever you want to call this icon.

5) Click on the Finish button.

6) To change the icon from the boring, generic one to one a little more colorful, right-click on the icon, then click on Properties.

7) Click on Change Icon.

8) On the next "Choose an icon from the list or specify a different file" window, click on OK.

9) Scroll to the right and click on the icon you want (such as the green Right Arrow icon), then click on OK.

10) Click on OK. Double-click on the new Restart icon to quickly restart your computer.

Tip: To create a Shut Down icon instead of a Restart icon:

1) In step 3 above, type shutdown /s /t 0 instead and then click on the Next button.

2) Replace the word "Restart" with "Shut Down" in step 4 above.

3) All other steps are the same as above except in step 9, you may want to choose an icon like the red Power Button icon.