1) Insert a tape into the tape drive.

2) Double-click on the Seagate Backup icon on the desktop.

3) Be sure that  Blank Backup Job is selected.

4) Click on OK.

5) Be sure that All selected files is selected if you want to back up ALL of your files.

6) To back up just the New & Changed Files added to your computer since the last time you backed up your files, be sure that New and Changed Files is selected.

[7) To be able to select which files and/or folders you want to back up, be sure that  Back up only certain files, folders or drives is selected.

8) Click into the boxes next to the folders you wish to back up to put a check mark ü into them.]

9) Be sure that "QIC-3020 Tape Drive" is selected for "Where to Back Up:".

10) To change any of the options, click on the Options button.

11) Click on the General tab and be sure that Verify data by performing a file-by-file compare is checked.

12) Be sure that Compress the backup data is checked.

13) Verify that  Run the Backup Now is selected.

14) Type in a name for this backup job, such as:

"Complete C: Drive – 5/4/05" (or whatever date you wish)


"New and Modified Files – 5/4/05" (or whatever date you wish).

15) Click on Start.

16) The backup could take as long as 2-6 hours depending on how much data you have to back up. Remove the tape when the computer says that it has finished the backup job. Put a label on the tape and write the date on it and indicate whether this is a COMPLETE backup or just a NEW & MODIFIED FILES ONLY backup.

17) Each tape holds 1.6 Gigabytes (1,600 Megabytes) Megabytes of uncompressed data –or– 3.2 Gigabytes (3,200 Megabytes) of compressed data. If you have more than this, you will need more than one tape to back up your entire hard drive. The computer will tell you when to insert the second tape (and third, etc.).

18) You may want to erase the tape before using it. To do so, click on Tools, then on Tape, then on Erase. Then follow the directions.

19) To find out what files are on the tape, click on Tools, then on Tape, then on Identify.

TO RESTORE YOUR FILES FROM THE TAPE (in the event, for example, your hard disk crashes and has to be replaced):

1) Click on Blank Restore Job on the Startup window -or- click on the Restore tab.

2) Be sure that the backup device says, "QIC-3020".

3) Click on the Options tab.

4) Click on Replace older files.

5) Click on Original locations for the locations where the restored files will go.

6) Do not click on "Restore Registry files."

7) Click on Start. The restore operations should take about 2-4 hours depending on how many files you are restoring.