TO INSTALL AN OLDER PRINTER IN WINDOWS XP -  for example, an HP Deskjet 895C printer:

1) Click on Start, then on Printers and Faxes (or Control Panel, then double-click on Printers and Faxes).

2) Click on Add a Printer.

3) Click on Next.

4) Click to put a black dot next to  Local Printer attached to this computer.

5) Click on Next.

6) Click to put a black dot next to  Use the following port:, then scroll down and click on the port you are using (usually either the LPT1 port or the USB00X (Virtual Printer port for USB).

Note: Click on LPT1 if you are using an older Parallel Printer cable, or click on USB00X (Virtual Printer port for USB) if you are using a newer USB cable to connect your printer to the computer.

7) Click on Next.

8) Select the Manufacturer (left column) and Model (right column) of your printer (e.g., HP and Deskjet 895C).

9) Click on Next.

10) Accept the given printer name, or change it to whatever you want.

11) Click to put a black dot next to  Yes at the prompt, “Do you want to use this printer as the default printer?” 

Note: You can have more than one printer connected to your computer at the same time. The  “default” printer is the printer that the computer automatically chooses if you don’t manually select a different one.

12) Click on Next.

13) Click to put a black dot next to Do not share this printer.

14) Click on Next.

15) Click to put a black dot next No  at the prompt, “Do you want to print a test page?”  (unless you want to do so).

16) Click on Next.

17) Click on Finish.

18) Try printing from Microsoft Word or one of your other programs.