for making CD or DVD copies of the photos  & other files on your computer

1) Insert a blank CD or DVD disk into the DVD±RW Drive (the D: Drive, E: Drive or whichever Drive your DVD±RW Drive is).

2) Double-click on Nero StartSmart icon on the desktop.

3) Click on the small CD/DVD button at the top of the Nero window, then click on CD or DVD depending on which media you are using.

4) Click on the Data icon (the  leftmost button).

5) Click on Make  a Data Disk.

6) Click on the Add button.

7) Scroll up or down and click on the My Documents folder, which is under the C: Drive folder and then the Documents and Settings folder. Find the sub-folder (for example, the  My Photos sub-folder) you want to back up. If the folder you want to back up to the CD or DVD disk is the My Documents folder, then you must press the Ctrl-A keys together to select all of the files in the My Documents folder.

8) Click once on the folder you want to back up.

9) Click on the Add button.

10) Click on Finished if that’s all the data you want to back up. Or click on Add, then click on another folder.

11) Click on Next.

12) Click on Next.

13) Click on Recording Settings. Change the Speed: to  2.4X or 4X from 8X, if possible. (This makes it less likely that the computer will run out of data while it is copying the data to the CD or DVD disk and ruin the CD or DVD disk.)

14) Click on the Burn button at the far right.

15) Wait a few moments for the CD or DVD disk to be created.

16) When the Nero program says that it is finished, click on Finish. You don’t need to save the project unless you think that you might want to create another copy of the same picture files in the future.

17) Eject the CD/DVD disk.

18) Write the file names or folder names (e.g., My Photos folder) that you just backed up and the date on the label-side of the disk with a Sharpie® Felt-Tip Pen.