Audio CD Basic Windows XP Instructions
  CD-ROM Instructions Changing the Background Picture
  Creating a New Folder Creating a Shortcut
  Copying a File to/Restoring a File From a Floppy Disk Copying a File from a CD to the Hard Disk
  Cutting & Pasting Deleting Files
  Deleting Program Groups Disk Cleanup
  Finding a File Finding a File (Windows XP)
  Installing Fonts Installing Programs from CDs
  Installing Programs from Floppy Disks Maximizing, Minimizing & Restoring the Size of a Window
  Moving the Taskbar Photo Printing Wizard (Windows XP)
  Printer Installation Printing Problems
  Restoring the Desktop Icons Recycle Bin
  Save vs. Save As Scandisk & Defrag
  Screen Resolution Selecting More than One File
  Startup Folder The Views Button
  The Windows XP Picture & Fax Viewer Turning On & Off the Computer (Basic)
  Updates List (a List of Software Updates for your Computer) Windows Security Center - Turn Off Virus Protection Alerts
  Windows Update  
  Basic Turn On & Turn Off instructions To add a "Gadget" to your Windows Sidebar
  To change the background picture To change the size of the icons and text on the screen
  To change the Sleep/Hibernation settings To change what the Power button does
  Weather "Gadget" Windows Vista Backup program
  Windows Mail program Windows Mail - More instructions
  Windows Photo Gallery To import pictures from your Digital Camera
  New Windows 7 Instructions Windows Live Mail instructions
  To create a Restart/Shut Down icon on your desktop  
  What should I do if my computer freezes (Windows XP)?
  Why does my computer freeze?
  How can I change the time on my computer?
  When do I use the left mouse button and when do I use the right one?
  Should I leave my computer ON all the time, or turn it OFF when I'm not using it?
  What does "Non-system disk or disk error. Replace and strike any key when ready." mean?
  My "Start" button is now up in the upper left (or right or top) of the screen. How can I get it back down to the bottom?
  My computer won't turn OFF. How can I turn it OFF?
  Printer Troubleshooting Checklist  
  Checking the Print Spooler  
  My Computer is Making a Grinding Noise. What should I do?
  Password Problems