< Internet Explorer 8.0/9.0>

Note: The Menu bar is the bar at the top of the Internet Explorer window with File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools, etc.

1) Right-click on any part of the gray area in the upper right-hand corner of the Internet Explorer window.

2) Click on Lock the toolbars to remove the check mark next to it (if there is a check mark next to it).

3) Right-click on the same gray area again, then click on Menu bar with the left mouse button.

4) To prevent the Menu bar and the other toolbars from moving or disappearing again, do the following:

1) Right-click on any gray area of the toolbar at the far right where there are no buttons.

2) Click to put a check mark next to Lock the toolbars.

5) You can also use the same procedure above to restore the other toolbars, such as the:

Command bar = the short bar at the far right that has buttons for the Home Page, RSS Feeds, E-mail, Print, Page, Safety and Tools.

Favorites bar = has the Gold Star button that brings up the list of your Favorites on the left, and individual buttons for your Favorites.

Norton toolbar = has the buttons for the Norton 360/Norton Internet Security program, such as the Phishing button (to check to see if a website is a legitimate website).